Our Program Model

About FCS
  • Our Program Model

    Based on our mission and pledge to identify and develop the skills and talents of children in our care, our unique Furst Class model draws from the following in our bid to prepare our children for the world at large:

  • Influences from the Montessori Approach

    Children are seen as independent learners and thinkers. Teachers take on role as facilitators in Montessori classrooms.

    Influences from the Waldorf Approach

    Children are encouraged to engage in creative free play. Unlocking children’s creativity, imagination and artistic inclinations.

    Influences from the Reggio Emilia Approach

    Teachers try to determine child’s interest through observation. Children with similar interests are placed in groups and allowed to plan their own projects and learning.

    The common factor in all of the above models is more of an emphasis on creativity and play.

  • The Furst Class program model will lay emphasis on this while we guide our children. In summary, Highlights of the Furst Class model are as follows:

    • An atmosphere of playfulness and joy pervades.
    • Teachers provide environments rich in possibilities which provoke exploration and problem-solving.
    • Concepts are presented in multiple forms such as print, art, drama, construction, music, puppetry, and shadow play. These are viewed as essential to children’s understanding of experience.
    • Explorations lead from one problem solving and research opportunity to the next naturally.
    • Excitement and joy in the learning process is created for both children and teachers.
    • Equipped Crèche

      Our Crèche facility is well-equipped

    • Active Healing Bay

      Our medical team are the best at what they do

    • Satisfied Parent

      Parents are satisfied with the quality if education we deliver at FCS

    • Security

      Our facilities are well secure with CCTV coverage everywhere

    • Football Pitch

      We have modern football pitch to entertain the kids

    • Swimming Pool

      Our Swimming Pool is safe and well protected from kids