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  • Our Curriculum

    Furst Class Schools combine EYFS and Montessori for children between the age of three months to six years, British and Nigerian curriculum for children in elementary classes. Our Curriculum is designed to provide individualized learning and development for each child.

    Below are some subject areas that are offered at Furst Class Schools:

    • Bible study– All our Children will be taught in the way of the Lord Jesus Christ, with bible stories, moral lessons, songs, hymns, worship, prayer and Memory verses.
    • Practical Life — Children learn things like how to tie their shoe laces, button their shirts, go to the bathroom without help, and clean up after themselves if they spill something.
    • Sensory Awareness Education — Exercises make sure children use all five senses to learn. For example, a child studying about trees will learn about it in a practical way when he touches the bark of a tree and identifies how rough or smooth it is.
    • Literacy (Language Arts) — Children are encouraged to express themselves verbally and are taught to trace and recognize letters as a precursor to learning reading, spelling, grammar, and handwriting skills.
    • Numeracy (Mathematics and Geometry) — Children learn about numbers through hands-on techniques.
    • Cultural Subjects — Children learn about the Nigerian culture, other countries (geography), animals (zoology), time, history, music, movement, science, and art.
    • Knowledge & Understanding of the World (KUW)Knowledge and Understanding of the World relates to children’s everyday lives, their homes, families, other people, the local environment and community, and the wider world.  There are three main areas in this area of learning.
    • Grace & Courtesy – Most children begin to grasp that there are certain accepted social graces well before they are 18 months old. We will teach our children to have poise, be well-behaved and polite, and be mindful of other people’s feelings.

    Play as a vital part of the preschool curriculum cannot be over stated: young children learn best when they are allowed to play. It is part of our core beliefs that play based curriculum in preschools encourages academic, social and motor skills growth and improvement.

    • Equipped Crèche

      Our Crèche facility is well-equipped

    • Active Healing Bay

      Our medical team are the best at what they do

    • Satisfied Parent

      Parents are satisfied with the quality if education we deliver at FCS

    • Security

      Our facilities are well secure with CCTV coverage everywhere

    • Football Pitch

      We have modern football pitch to entertain the kids

    • Swimming Pool

      Our Swimming Pool is safe and well protected from kids