About Us

About FCS
  • Furst Class Schools

    Furst Class Schools is a Crèche, Pre-school and Elementary School design to provide a home away from home environment for children. At Furst Class Schools we provide the highest quality educational experience for all children regardless of their age, sex and cultural background.

    Children are given opportunity to develop socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and with confidence at a rate that is appropriate to their individual ability. We create a positive, caring ethos throughout the school environment where relationship between children, staff, parents and our host community is not only strengthened but also nurtured.

    Our system is one that is centered on relevant and meaningful educational experience where a child’s enjoyment, self-motivation and success become the most important factor.

    In Furst Class Schools, we encourage every child to compete with him/herself. Every child must strive to break his/her record(s)

  • Our Vision

    An inclusive school where learning, achievements, attitude and well-being of all members of the school community is critical. Inclusion will characterize how we operate as well as what it aims to achieve.

    To harness skills, talent and potentials of our children with emphasis on the fear of God.

    To promote pupils participation and adopt principles of entrepreneurship in pupils framework in very group. Children will be given opportunity to take responsibility and encouraged to make positive contributions to their learning, school and society.

  • Our Mission

    To encourage our pupils to unleash their God given potentials beyond the school environment. They are naturally blessed by nature but require a prepared environment to unfold.

    To encourage a culture of continuous learning based on teamwork, leadership, logical thinking and decision making within the school environment.

  • Our Pledge to You

    Our primary concern at Furst Class Schools is with the development of children’s skills. This includes social skills, expressiveness and self-sufficiency, physical skills, gross and fine motor movement, and learning skills – such as ideas, words, color, numbers and problem solving.

    Our Pledge is, therefore, to identify, celebrate and develop the unique talents, skills, learning styles and personalities deposited by God in each child in our care.

    • Equipped Crèche

      Our Crèche facility is well-equipped

    • Active Healing Bay

      Our medical team are the best at what they do

    • Satisfied Parent

      Parents are satisfied with the quality if education we deliver at FCS

    • Security

      Our facilities are well secure with CCTV coverage everywhere

    • Football Pitch

      We have modern football pitch to entertain the kids

    • Swimming Pool

      Our Swimming Pool is safe and well protected from kids